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How to Choose Anti-static Workbench

Release time:2019-05-28Source:Click:2124

In all kinds of experiments, different workbenches are often used. Anti-static workbenches are produced for electrostatic sensitive links in experiments.

Usually, anti-static table requires high material quality. In the process of experiment, the integrity of equipment is very important. Generally, the more accurate the equipment is, the better the performance of the table is, of course, the higher the performance is. If a bad anti-static table is selected, the energy efficiency of the whole static table will not be maximized. The anti-static table material includes a polymer composite table. Fireproof board desktop, stainless steel clad surface, iron board composite surface, oak laminate desktop, anti-static desktop, bakelite veneer, etc.

Generally, the worktable with good anti-static performance will have surface electrostatic spraying. Of course, the use of a table with good load-bearing capacity can avoid the occurrence of static electricity and make the experiment more convenient. In addition, the general anti-static worktable requires a roof, a partition, a lamp holder, and some scraper configuration, so it is more convenient to use in the experimental process. Generally good configuration accessories are relatively complete, and easy to install and disassemble.